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Apr 01 - Oct 10
Self catered
  • Overview

    One of only a few rivers in Iceland to offer both world class salmon and sea trout fishing – the Húseyjarkvisl is an ultimate fly fishing destination.

    The sea trout season starts in April, and Eleven Experience offers the rare opportunity to heliski down some of the ultimate slopes in the Troll Peninsula and catch a big sea trout on the same day. In the summer, after the ski season ends, Atlantic salmon start to run the river, with the prime times through July and August. In September, anglers have a shot at catching Atlantic salmon, sea trout, brown trout and Arctic char all in one day – with the salmon and sea trout ranging anywhere from 4 to 20lbs in weight.

    Clients must buy all three rods on the Húseyjarkvisl. however they don’t have to fish all three. Since it’s only three rods, we try to avoid mixing groups by selling individual rods to clients.

  • Fishing

    Húseyjarkvísl is a medium-size river in the north-western part of Iceland. The river splits into two beats, Salmon and Trout. The Salmon beat is fished with two rods, and the season is from 25 June thru to 25 September. Since 2001, “fly only” and “catch & release” has been our main goal, and by achieving that, the fishing has been steadily rising.

    The summer of 2009 was a record summer, with 272 fish caught on the two rods. The Trout beat is fished with three rods, and the season is from 1 April thru to 25 June and 25 September thru to 10 October. This river is famous for its big sea trout every year, with over 500 caught and and sizes getting up to 20lbs, which is considered high in Iceland.

    Current catch records can be viewed through Angling IQ, link below.

    Anglers must take all three rods, however, don’t have to fish 3. (Rod sharing is allowed and normal in Iceland)




  • Accommodation

    Húseyjarkvísl can be booked through Iceland’s most luxurious lodge – Deplar Farm.

    There is also a cottage with three bedrooms, which can be taken on a self-catered basis and has full amenities.

    • 3 bedrooms
    • Shared restroom
    • Hot tub
    • BBQ
    • Fully kitted kitchen diner
  • Food & Cuisine

    The accommodation on Húseyjarkvísl is self-catered, however, a lodge cook can be arranged to come and cook for the party. There are local supermarkets nearby for you to do the weekly shop.

    All facilities you could need in the kitchen are there for your use.

  • Example itinerary
    Example itinerary 3 day
    Day 0 Arrive Keflavik International Airport – Clients advised to transfer to Reykjavik and overnight to allow for any delays.
    Day 1 Fly to Akureyri from Reykjavik 45 min flight
    Eleven experience host will pick up clients from Akureyri Airport. (option to hire a vehicle if needed.)
    Drive to Deplar Farm
    Day 2 Drive to Huse 1 hour approx – Fishing – return to Deplar
    Day 3 Drive to Huse 1 hour approx – Fishing – return to Deplar
    Day 4 Drive to Huse 1 hour approx – Fishing – return to Deplar
    Day 5 depart to Akureyri
    Fly Akureyri to Reykjavik
    Option to overnight in Reykjavik
    Depart Kaflavik International Airport
  • Specifics



  • Where should we fly to?

    Keflavik International Airport, then a taxi to Reykjavik airport and fly to Akureyri, where part of the Deplar team will pick you up.

  • Can I drive there?

    Yes, once arrived at Keflavik International Airport, many of our clients prefer to hire a car and take the scenic drive to Deplar Farm or direct to the Huseyjarkvisl.

  • What does the guide provide?

    Guides will typically provide a 4×4 vehicle, tackle and flies. Guests staying at Deplar have full access to all tackle, waders and flies.

  • Can we share rods?

    Rod sharing is normal in Iceland. If staying at the self-catered cottage, rod sharing is no extra cost.

    If staying at Deplar Farm, there is an additional occupancy cost.

  • What is the best time for sea trout?

    End August – 25th September

    Although there are some big early-season sea trout also!

  • What is the best time for salmon?

    Prime time for salmon is around mid-July to mid-August

  • What flies do I need?

    Your guide will be able to provide flies.

    Variations of hitch tubes and Sunday shadow (small to medium), tungsten head francis, silver sheep, haugur, microtubes, old favourite Salmon flies sizes #12 – #16

  • Is there a beat rota?

    The guides will arrange a fair beat rota with you. You have exclusive use, so it is fairly relaxed.

  • Is the river private?

    Yes, the rods are sold on an exclusive basis.

Suitable gear


Single-handed rod 9,6 #7 or #8 and small DH up to 12,4 ft. #5-7

5wt 9-10” for nymphing, you will catch salmon and sea trout

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